Hi , I'm Hazem K H Madi

I don't follow trends ; I create trends .

Short brief about me

• Official Mentor (IXC) with Springboard .

• UXD Consultant with FIDG .

• UX Design Specialist and Instructor with WAC .

• Certified Product Design Mentor with The Mentoring Club .

• Independent Consultant , Mentor , and Trainer .

Transforming Ideas To Attractive Apps

In whole of my works I used to create effective products that could really help people in their daily life . (This is a small example of my apps)

Multi-Language Apps

One of the most astonishing things that adds more value to my apps is that I take care designing them in so many various languages . (This is a small example of my apps)

Being Closer To Global Users

I always try to be so close to the users from whole around the globe by my own work .
(This is a small example of my apps)

Android Compatibility

Whole my apps are designed using the material design rules and general software environment .

iOS Compatibility

Whole my apps are designed using the iOS software rules and general software environment .


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Customers from more than 25 countries

Recent Updates

UX Design Bootcamp 2022

This is the most efficient bootcamp ever in Gaza Strip exclusively in 2022 in cooperation with HI's Global and The Institut Français De Gaza .

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Officially As An Enterprise Design Thinking Co-Creator (Via IBM)

I've been officially awarded the Enterprise Design Thinking Co-Creator global badge by IBM .
And achievement was validated by IBM Design Global through course completion and real-world application, and against the criteria set by the Enterprise Design Thinking Center of Competence.

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Portfolio Statistics

Successfully broken the 41.9K mins of Mentoring and Instructing

I've broken the record of 41900 minutes of mentoring and instructing in my field .

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Hazem brings out the best in the people he works with. He is a leader with a passion for creating products that work for customers, and a great advocate for UX with experience in delivering results. Hazem has a unique ability to see the big picture of a problem at hand and offer solutions that bring long-term value.

Somayya Abu Nada

CEO of Awsal Co.

A creative UX UI designer who does his work perfectly and delivered it on time. Highly recommended for future jobs.

Abd Al-Raheem Abu Warda

Marketing & SEO Specialist

His work is guided by a strong belief in design as a problem-solving tool, as a way of recognizing and forming relationships between ideas and reality, and as a method for improving the connections between people and the products they use.

Beyond Bechani

UI Design Specialist

Hazem is a great figure in the field UX/UI I recommend dealing with him and benefit from his experience in this field and you will find the splendor of this field in his hands .

Yassir Nawawra

Jeneusse Co. PS Strategic Manager

Hazem is one of the best among all people I've ever worked with. He is wise, clever, brilliant and well educated UX/UI designer who can be really trusted. He has an easiness to build interpersonal relations with others. He showed a high level of UX/UI design technical and theorical skills , he certainly worths recommending.

Tasneem Al-Shbaaki

Opticana Clinic Head Doctor

Thanks a lot for Mr. Hazem, it was a great opportunity to have his evaluation on our framework. l have learned a lot from his knowledge and experience, he was willing to help me with all the information and skills he had. Wish him all the best .

Reem Atif

Computers Science Master Student

I would like to thank Hazem a lot for his generosity and his big efforts for a first mentoring session, he is a really competent and professional that I highly recommend him.

Feiza Ferchichi

Industrial/Furniture Designer & UX designer

Hazem has a deep knowledge of UX design. In our mentoring session together, he helped me shape my career path more successfully. I have been informed about potential further training measures and know how I should place the UX topic with my employer.

Leon Forst

Trainee - UX Design

Hazem is an exceptional leader in user experience and design. He is at the top of his field in UX knowledge. Hazem is a firm believer in design influencing product strategy early on and not just meant to be considered at the end of the execution process - more agile and less waterfall.

Fatimah Al-khateeb

UI/UX Designer at CsMena

I just attended a UX talk session with Hazem, he is highly UX expert also, he is so helpful and always willing to help and share anything he knows no matter how it takes time. Highly recommended Hazem for any UX mentoring session.

Ghadeer Essa

UI/UX Designer with 13 years of experience

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